i beam jib crane

I beam jib crane

I beam jib crane is the improvement  of traditional jib crane. Jib arm of I beam type jib crane adopts hollow steel structure, so its deadweight is lighter than other cranes. Aimix I-beam jib cranes have the following three types: the first one is AQ-BZN type, this crane has a I-beam shape jib boom, which is installed on a cement base by bolts. AQ-BZN type crane is able to lift loads around one ton, and making a 270 degree rotation. If you want to save ceiling space, you can choose AQ-BXD wall bracket i-beam jib crane, this crane is the best solution for limited low headroom. Besides, it can save your cost. If you this any pillar structure waste space, you can choose jib crane that each part is I beam structure. Check the picture and parameters below, choose the one suits your workshop best.

i beam jib crane
BNZ I Beam Jib Crane

AQ-BZN I Beam Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-2t
turning degree: 270°
L: 3500-3800mm

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i beam jib crane
Mast I Beam Jib Crane

Mast I Beam Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-2t
turning degree: 270°
L: 3500-3800mm

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Features of I beam jib cranes

1. Light self-weight. The jib arm of I-beam type jib cranes adopt hollow steel, which makes arm jib lighter than other jib crane.
2. High strength. High quality jib arm makes jib crane bearing heavy loads without changing its shape.
3. Good rigidity.
4. Optional power. You can choose manual power or electric power when you motive your jib arm.
5. You can pick up electric wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist for your trolley.
6. Walking structure of the whole jib crane use engineering plastic gear equipped with antifriction bearing.
7. Less friction. So that the hoist can moves smoothly and quickly along I-beam.
8. Small structure size. With small structure size, it shorten the vertical distance of lifting hook of hoist.
9. For short distance and frequent lifting jobs.

i beam jib crane
BXD I Beam Jib Crane

Wall I Beam Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-5t
Beam length: 2000-6000mm
Lifting height: 2000-6000mm
Lifting speed: 8;8/0.8m/min
Turning degree: 180°~270°

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Advantages of I-beam series jib cranes

Because of I-beam type jib crane has many outstanding features different from other jibs, it has many remarkable advantages. There are the list in detail as follows:

1. Economical. Scientific structure assists to save both room of factory and money cost. So you can get a cheap jib crane without take care of the height and money cost of your plant.
2. Safe. All I-beam jibs pass the quality test, our manufacturing is qualified to bearing your lifting weight.
3. Efficiency. Hollow steel structure and small structure size of contribute to enlarge the moving distance of hoist, and your jib crane will work fast and frequent.
4. Available in assorted places. No matter your plants, shop, garage and port, you can use it freely.

Why choose Aimix group?

Aimix has been in jib crane area for year, we are professional in manufacturing, selling and after sale service, so we are trustful. Then, we have good reputation on I-beam cranes, customers like you give us great judgement.



Rated capacity(t) Turning degree L(mm) R1(mm) R2(mm) H(mm) H(mm)


0.25 270 3500 500 3000 4000 3000
AQ-BZN1 1 270 3600 600 3000 4200


AQ-BZN2 2 270 3800 800 3000 4500


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