cantilever jib crane

Cantilever Jib Crane

Cantilever jib crane is lifting equipment to hoist coverage along walls or columns; individual use in bay or for supplement to an overhead crane or monorail. Sometimes it can be used in manufacturing line and assembling line to do jobs need to be fixed position accurately. You can purchase two types of cantilever jibs in Aimix group. One is AQ-BZ jib crane fixed on floor or ground, this cane is able to lift loads under 20 tons, and for loads more than 10 tons, at the end of jib boom will be added a turning device. This AQ-BZ type crane is able to rotate 360° degree. And the other one is AQ-BX wall cantilever jib crane, it requires no floor supporting, this crane is fixed on wall or a pillar, triangle structure makes this crane stable and durable when lift materials.

cantilever jib crane
BZ Cantilever Jib Crane

AQ-BZ Cantilever Jib Crane

Lift Capacity: 0.25-20t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slew Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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Features of Cantilever Jib Crane

  • Both of the two types of cantilever jib crane are able to rotate certain degree, and customized product is available.
  • AQ-BX type wall cantilever crane require no floor space, and it saves room of workstation.
  •  Jib arm of the two type cantilever crane can make into I-beam type.
  •  Accept you own non-standard customization for beam length, jib arm rotation, capacity if necessary.
wall cantilever jib crane
Wall Cantilever Jib Crane

AQ-BX Wall Cantilever Jib Crane 

Rated capacity: 0.25-2t
Beam length: 2000-6000mm
Lifting height: 2000-6000mm
Lifting speed: 8;8/0.8m/min
Turning degree: 270°

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Advantages of Aimix Cantilever Crane

  •  Less money and higher quality. Because of the improvement of technology, we save cost, and you can gain a high quality cantilever jibs in less money.
  • Ease to operate and maintain. Scientific and simple structure makes operation easy, and you will save less time to maintain your crane.
  • AQ-BZ type crane is able to lift loads under 20 tons, which is able to play the role of overhead crane and gantry crane, so you can save cost to buy another lifting equipment.
  • Our cantilever jib cranes can be used on sorts of workstation, and it saves factory space.
  • High quality steel structure makes our jib crane durable and service long time.
  • Requires very little headroom, so it can be installed very close to the underside of ceilings to provide maximum lift for your hoist


Type Rated capacity(t) Turning degree L(mm) R(mm) r(mm) H(mm) h(mm)
AQ-BZD0.25 0.25 360 4300 1100 4000 3800 3000
AQ-.5 0.5 360 4300 1100 4000 3900 3000
AQ-BZD1 1 360 4400 1100 4000 4200 3000
AQ-BZD2 2 360 4400 1100 4000 4200 3000
AQ-BZD3 3 360 4500 1500 4000 4500 3000
AQ-BZD5 5 360 4500 1700 4000 4500 3000
Rated Capacity ton 0.25 0.5 1 2
Beam length mm 2000~6000
Lifting height mm 2000~6000
Lifting speed m/min 8;8/0.8
Travelling speed m/min 10; 20
Turning speed r/min 0.76 0.69 0.6 0.53
Turning degree degree 180°
Duty Class A3
Power source 380 V, 50 HZ, 3 phase (or other standard)
Working temperature -20~40°C
Control model Pendant push button control or remote control

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