Jib crane can be divided into small jib crane and heavy duty jib crane according to its capacity. Jib crane belongs to light-medium duty lifting device, and its rated capacity is from 0.125 ton to 20 ton. You can choose your suitable jib crane according to your lifting bearings and working environment.

In general, we provide you small jib crane and heavy duty jib crane according your capacity requirement. You can place small jib crane in your shop and garage, and places restricted by space. And if you do not have too much money or just want to save place, but you have to lift heavy loads, heavy duty jib crane will be your best choice. It can carry loads under 20 tons, also it can take the place of gantry crane and bridge crane.

Except rated capacity listed in parameters, you can ask for your unique customization according to your plant’s space and ceiling height. We have technicians design your jib crane. Length of jib arm, height of pillar and turning degree (from 180° to 360 °) is changeable based on your plants. Besides, you can choose the size and lifting bearings based on your need.
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