column mounted jib crane for sale

Column mounted jib crane

Column mounted jib crane is a lifting equipment for light loads widely used in assembling and manufacturing line of modern industries like machine manufacturing, motor vehicle and ship-building. It can be used in outdoor and indoor transport including garage, lab and wharf, etc. Aimix column jib crane is able to rotate 360° degree, and you can choose the arm length you need. this jib is able to turn smoothly, and electric jib hoist can walk glidingly. High strength steel structure makes the crane durable.

column mounted jib crane for sale
Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column Mounted Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-20t
Turning degree: 360°
L: 4300-4500mm
R: 1100-1700mm
r: 4000mm
H: 3800-4500mm

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Features of column mounted jib cranes

1. Column of jib crane is settled by bolts on concrete base.
2. Jib arm is able to make 360° rotation.
3. Electric chain hoist or electric wire rope moves along I-beam to achieve loads transport of three direction.
4. The whole machine works without railway line.
5. Pillar mounted cranes may achieve a 360° rotation to extend the largest work range jib crane is special. design to carry dense and frequent task.
6. Adjust to light loads weight no more than 20 ton.
7. Accept you own non-standard customization if necessary.

Ellsen column mounted jib crane for sale
column mounted jib crane

Advantage of Aimix column mounted type jibs

Since our jib crane face to the market, we win many praise from buyers, what is the reason that makes manufacturer so popular? The answers are as following:

1. Safe and cheap. Because of its simple and scientific structure, our jib cranes save cost, so that you can get a good price and high quality products.
2. Space-saving and wide transport range. Our column mounted jib crane is carefully designed by expert, it can increase your transport range and save your plant room.
3. Easy to operate. You can choose your own way to control your jib crane whether a remote control or your hand.

Why choose Aimix group?

Aimix devotes itself to the manufacturing of jib cranes for years, we are professional. Meanwhile, you can get high quality column jibs in a good price.


Type Rated capacity(t) Turning degree L(mm) R(mm) r(mm) H(mm)



0.25 360 4300 1100 4000 3800



0.5 360 4300 1100 4000 3900



1 360 4400 1100 4000 4200



2 360 4400 1100 4000 4200 3000
AQ-BZD3 3 360 4500 1500 4000 4500



5 360 4500 1700 4000 4500


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