Aimix provides you many types jib crane. Among them, pillar mounted jib crane, wall mounted jib crane, wall traveling jib crane and balance crane are our featured products. The four series products can contribute to your lifting needs well. We will design for your unique customized jib crane if you are necessary.

Heavy duty jib crane is one of the most widely accepted jib crane, for it can take advantage of overhead crane and gantry crane sometimes, and it wins good reputation since put into market.

Pillar mounted jib crane, column jib crane and cantilever jib crane can turn a maximum 360° turning degree, and they are especially suit for accurate position loads. For wall mounted jib crane and wall traveling jib crane, both of them beyond the limit of ceiling height. So that you can save your space. And wall traveling jib crane can help enlarge your task range.

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wall travelling jib crane

Wall Traveling Jib Crane

Wall travelling jib crane develops based on wall mounted jib crane, this crane does not take up floor space either. Compared to wall mounted jibs, ...
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wall jib crane cheap

Cheap Jib Crane

Want to get a high quality jib crane in the cheapest price? You come to the right place, Aimix cheap jib crane is able to ...
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slewing jib crane for sale

Slewing Jib Crane

If you are looking for the best tool to lift loads quickly and easily, then you come the right place. Aimix slewing jib crane is ...
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cantilever jib crane

Cantilever Jib Crane

Cantilever jib crane is lifting equipment to hoist coverage along walls or columns; individual use in bay or for supplement to an overhead crane or ...
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column mounted jib crane for sale

Column Mounted Jib Crane

Column mounted jib crane is a lifting equipment for light loads widely used in assembling and manufacturing line of modern industries like machine manufacturing, motor ...
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articulated jib crane

Articulating Jib Crane

Articulating jib crane is a new type jib crane, with its articulating arm, it can help you carry loads anywhere of your task zone. Switched ...
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free standing jib crane

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free standing jib crane consists of four parts including electric hoist, pillar, jib arm and jib drive device. It is available in assorted plants as ...
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portable jib crane

Portable Jib Crane

Portable jib crane is designed to transport material anywhere you want. This jib crane is able to use on various indoor and outdoor workshop, factory ...
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i beam jib crane

I Beam Jib Crane

I beam jib crane is the improvement  of traditional jib crane. Jib arm of I beam type jib crane adopts hollow steel structure, so its ...
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jib crane of double arm

Double Arms Jib Crane

Double arms jib crane is designed based on traditional single arm jib crane. With two arms in a mask or pillar, it can save plant ...
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mobile jib crane

Mobile Jib Crane

Mobile jib crane is the most flexible and mobile lifting jib for modern manufacturing, for its advantage of high flexibility, it is the indispensable hoist ...
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balance crane

Balance Crane

Balance crane belongs to small-medium machinery lifting equipment. It adopts to the combination operation of manual and electric power, which becomes compound motion to lifting ...
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wall mounted jib crane

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall mounted jib crane is the most simple structure but useful hoisting equipment provided by Aimix group. This crane needs no floor foundation and ground ...
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floor mounted jib crane for sale

Floor Mounted Jib Crane

Floor mounted jib crane is designed to meet the need of modern industry. And it is a brand-new type lifting equipment for light-duty merchandise. Floor ...
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pillar mounted jib crane for sale

Pillar Jib Crane

The pillar jib crane has been designed for freestanding installation on the building floor. This workstation crane provides a slew range of 360° with jib ...
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