Special jib cranes

Aimix provides you five types special jib crane to meet your particular need of daily lifting activities. You can choose your own one from the following series: double arms jib crane, balance crane, I beam jib crane, mobile jib crane, portable jib crane, cheap jib crane and electric jib crane.

Balance crane is the most short size crane, you can choose between high type and short type balance crane according to your needs. Double arms jib crane has two arms, its maximal rotation can reach 270 degree. With two jib arms work together, your lifting efficiency will increased largely. Movable jib crane can move loads anywhere you want, as a special jib crane, it beyond the restriction of space. Portable jib crane has mobile wheels on the base, and it is convenient to place it according to your need. Cheap jib crane is specially designed for common lifting activities, you can choose your own one according to your need.

wall jib crane cheap

Cheap Jib Crane

Want to get a high quality jib crane in the cheapest price? You come to the right place, Aimix cheap jib crane is able to ...
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portable jib crane

Portable Jib Crane

Portable jib crane is designed to transport material anywhere you want. This jib crane is able to use on various indoor and outdoor workshop, factory ...
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i beam jib crane

I Beam Jib Crane

I beam jib crane is the improvement  of traditional jib crane. Jib arm of I beam type jib crane adopts hollow steel structure, so its ...
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jib crane of double arm

Double Arms Jib Crane

Double arms jib crane is designed based on traditional single arm jib crane. With two arms in a mask or pillar, it can save plant ...
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mobile jib crane

Mobile Jib Crane

Mobile jib crane is the most flexible and mobile lifting jib for modern manufacturing, for its advantage of high flexibility, it is the indispensable hoist ...
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balance crane

Balance Crane

Balance crane belongs to small-medium machinery lifting equipment. It adopts to the combination operation of manual and electric power, which becomes compound motion to lifting ...
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