Jib crane is a light duty type lifting device, and its lifting bearings ranges from 0.125 tons to 20 tons. Basically, you can choose your own lift bearing according to your need in the range. Next is some jib crane we divide into three types by tons. For this three types jib crane is largely demanded in crane market. We hope by doing this you can save your time and money to the most ideal products for your plants.

5 ton jib crane

5 Ton Jib Crane

5 ton jib crane of different types are for sale now. You can choose one to use on indoor and outdoor workshop and factory. Free ...
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pillar jib crane of 2 ton

2 Ton Jib Crane

2 ton jib crane is designed to lift loads around 2 tons, you can choose different types of  models according to the material you prepare ...
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1 ton jib crane

1 Ton Jib Crane

In 1 ton jib crane level, Aimix offers your a versatile selection material lifting solutions. You can choose among pillar jib crane, wall jib crane ...
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