workshop jib crane

Workshop jib crane

Ellsen workshop jib crane is the absolute the best choice of buyers who want a lift equipment that suits for their workshop best. Ellsen manufacturer provides you jib cranes of different types, here are the following four jib machine that may meet your requirement.

workshop jib crane
Ellsen Floor Workshop Jib Crane

BZ Workshop Jib Crane

Lift Capacity: 0.25-20t
Max Lift Height: 3-8m
Slew Angle: 360°
Level Travel Speed: 20m/min

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BZ workshop jib cranes are one of the most hot sale products of Ellsen, and it may be your best choice for ordinary workstation. This crane can be installed anywhere of your workshop. Besides, it can rotate 360 degree maximum (any rotation is available). Jibs of this model is able to lift heavy loads around 20 tons, which may replace gantry crane and bridge crane on fixed area transportation. BZ model cranes are the excellent tools and helper on objects lifting and maintenance.

workshop jib crane
Ellsen Wall Workshop Jib Crane

BX Workshop Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 0.25-5t
Beam length: 2000-6000mm
Lifting height: 2000-6000mm
Lifting speed: 8;8/0.8m/min
Turning degree: 180°

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BX wall type workstation jibs are the popular low headroom equipment of Ellsen. This crane requires no floor space and any foundation support. It has no requirement of ceiling and space, which means you can use it freely on narrow workshop, or work place limited by ceiling height. This wall crane is fixed on a bracket on wall, the rated capacity is under 5 tons. Besides, it can be rote certain degree as well, the maximum rotation is 270 degree.

workshop jib crane
Ellsen Travels Workshop Jib Crane

BB Workshop Jib Crane

Rated capacity: 1-5t
L: 3500mm
R1: 500-800mm
R2: 3000mm

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Wall jib crane has the other type, BB workshop wall jib, this crane is developed on BX jibs. However, this crane cannot rotate certain degree, instead, it can travels along rail on plant. This crane suits for dense and short distance loads lifting.

workshop portable jib crane
Ellsen Portable Workshop Jib Crane

Mobile Workshop Jib Crane

Rated load: 0.125-0.5t
Base width: 1200-1400mm
Stand bar width: 1018-1218mm
L&h: 3000mm
H: 3700-3900mm

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If each of the workshop jib above cannot meet your need, and you want a jib crane which is easy- carry. Portable crane on workshop can meet all your need. This crane is easy-carry, and can be installed each corner of your workshop. The crane has strong triangle base, which ensures safety while lifting material.